Teko, Traditional Icelandic Tea Blends

US Distributor

Icelanders have used native herbs for teas and remedies for over a thousand years. Teko, provides the most intriguing flavors in traditional Icelandic tea blends.

All of our botanicals are wild-picked in Iceland.

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Core Values Workshop
Core Values Workshop

Workshop Facilitator

The Core Values Workshop can help people identify their top five values and come up with a game plan for how to align their time with what really matters.

Flourishing Funnel’s Amy Moore, was a participant of the workshop, and knows first-hand how powerful identifying core values can be.

Less Alone: A Podcast About Connection


Less Alone covers the nuance of relationships, life, love, loneliness and, of course, all things “connection.” Flourishing Funnel’s Amy Moore, is a co-host with Anna Newell Jones and Erin Linehan. They have taken their coffee shop chats to the podcast studio.

Enjoy the casual conversations among close friends, ridiculous joking around and serious interviews.


Flourishing Funnel, LLC (formerly Inbound Demand, LLC) is a consulting company focused on connection. All of Flourishing Funnel’s work currently aims to connect people with excellent products and people with exceptional people. Flourishing Funnel has been around since 2011 and has primarily worked with tech-based healthcare companies. Past experience with sales, implementing marketing automation software and integrating CRM software is applicable to the current body of work: distributing tea, facilitating workshops, co-hosting and launching a podcast.

Tea distribution started after a trip to Iceland in 2018. A beautifully branded box of tea stood out at the Keflavik Airport and it was love at first sight! Most important, the contents of the box were delicious! The relationship with Teko went from ordering personal supplies to approaching the founder, Sigrún Jenný Bardadóttir, about sponsoring Less Alone: A Podcast About Connect to becoming the USA distributor of Teko, traditional Icelandic tea blends!

In April of 2018, Flourishing Funnel’s Amy Moore, attended a Barre3 Retreat at the beautiful Brasada Ranch in Bend, Oregon. A weekend of pampering turned into a pivotal life event. After a core values workshop led by Sadie Lincoln and a day with Dandapani, it became evident what was (and was not) important and what life’s finite amount of energy needed to be focused on. The new perspective provided a clear path forward and, in retrospect, provided answers to questions one didn’t even know they were going to have. Today, Flourishing Funnel is honored to facilitate these workshops for others.

Finally, in the spring of 2019, three friends (Erin Linehan, Anna Newell Jones and Flourishing Funnel’s Amy Moore) decided to take their weekly, 6AM coffee chats to the podcast studio. They learned and trained and then launched Less Alone: A Podcast About Connection. The trio explores all things connection while having fun and getting a little serious too.

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